Powerful, practical NLP

for advanced medical

language understanding

Built by medical and computer science experts for next-generation healthcare applications, emtelligent’s Deep Learning NLP engine and collection of clinical and search tools automate and simplify data collection and analysis across clinical systems, specialties, and patient populations to uncover meaningful insights from within your medical data.

Comprehensive, Multi-disciplinary Solutions

emtelligent’s advanced data engine and flexible tools have been optimized to meet the unique needs of stakeholders across the healthcare continuum.


Hospitals & Health Systems

Equip healthcare providers and administrators

with the tools and knowledge needed to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of care delivery.

Medical Imaging Organizations

Extract clinical and operational inisights

from the unstructured text of radiology, cardiology, and pathology orders and reports.

Clinical Researchers

Automate data extraction and correlation to accelerate research productivity and eliminate manual chart review.


Access timely, actionable insights for improving network design, optimizing cost of care delivery, and enhancing overall health and wellness for members.


Accelerate integrations and custom development projects with extensible APIs, SDKs, and a diverse collection of apps and tools.

Realize the Power and Potential of Medical Language Understanding

Automate and streamline data collection and correlation across previously fragmented clinical systems, specialties, and patient populations

Create structured, searchable data from unstructured, narrative medical text

Enable evidence-based decision making based on real-time insights

Improve clinical outcomes and patient wellness by informing the design of proactive, actionable care management programs and pathways

Eliminate the cost, effort, error, and bias associated with manual chart review and data extraction

Leverage our team of medical and NLP experts to help you design and build bespoke data analysis projects and use cases

Not sure where to start?

Our team of medical and data science experts work directly with you to realize your next-generation care management and economic possibilities.

Make the emtelligent choice.