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What Sets Us Apart

It's not just emtelligent's technology that's different. 

From how our experts help you explore and plan to achieve your next-gen healthcare goals, to our powerful and easy to use queries, apps and tools that get the most out of your healthcare data, the emtelligent experience is designed around customer success.


Here are the top-nine ways we're focused on enabling our customers.

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1. Deep Clinical and NLP Expertise

We believe that effectively combining deep expertise in health informatics, clinical knowledge, and NLP and deep-learning is critical to the success of all medical NLP projects.

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2. ‘One Stop Shop’ of Domain Specialists

 Our team includes computer engineers and researchers specializing in NLP and machine learning, clinicians, medical annotators, systems engineers and data analysts - all working together to enable fast turnaround of custom features, optimizations, and emtelliPro® deployments.

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3. Measuring Success

We measure our success according to clinically relevant output. By that we mean that the quality of the extracted data meets the needs of real-world clinical and research applications, as defined by you.

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4. Out-of-the-Box Features

 emtelliPro features highly accurate negation and uncertainty attribute extraction, and a variety of features such as medications, measurements, qualifiers, follow-up recommendations, and radiology image links.

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5. Flexible Use-Case Patterns 

The emtelliPro engine has been tuned to serve a number of interactive and non-interactive use cases ranging from retrospective to near-real-time delivery and can be expanded to include a wide array of clinical settings and data structures.

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6. High-Impact Opportunities

 The insights provided by emtelliPro enable you to address high-value use cases across the healthcare continuum including hospitals and health systems, medical imaging organizations, payer organizations, clinical researchers, technical integrators, and more.

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7. Tailored, Collaborative Approach

 We work closely with you to articulate a clear and well defined understanding of the project data requirements and ensure the system is appropriately configured and tuned for its intended purpose.

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8. Flexible Governance and Deployment

 We work with you to meet your unique data governance requirements and support a variety of deployment models including emtelligent-hosted, hybrid, or on-premises.

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9. Designed for Extensibility and Tuning

 A modular design supports the addition of custom features, document types, and vocabularies (ontologies). emtelliPro’s internal toolchain enables fast integration of custom annotations and iterative quality assurance.

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