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emtelliPro Support

emtelligent believes passionately that emtelliPro’s® medical NLP capabilities has the potential to provide transformative benefits to healthcare providers, medical application developers, and ultimately for patient care. We are committed to working with our customers to realize this vision. We recognize that providing excellent support in every phase of customer engagement is vital to customer success.

We provide comprehensive support. Troubleshooting and technical advice is provided in the following areas:

  • Deployment Support: Troubleshooting the installation of initial deployment and upgrades, configuration, and operations of the emtelliPro engine server.

  • Data Processing: Troubleshooting data ingestion and processing issues, and investigating server usage and stability.

  • Medical NLP Support: Troubleshooting and optimizing NLP data extraction  performance.

Note: Customers should also refer to their service agreement. Some technical services may be provided as additional Professional Services where custom development is required.

How to Access Support

Licensed customers are provided secure access to emtelliPro documentation. From this site, customers can access our support email. All requests will be addressed by email, and/or escalated to a phone call or video conference. 


Response times are specified in the customer service-level agreement. Typically, emtelligent aims to acknowledge requests the same business day, and where a feasible solution or workaround is available, we aim to resolve the issue within one business day.

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