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emtelligent™ Announces emtelliSuite™: Powerful Physician-Created NLP Solutions for Healthcare

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

emtelliSuite's™ deep learning-based apps can help healthcare providers improve patient care, boost departmental efficiency and publish faster

emtelligent™ Software Ltd. today announced emtelliSuite™, a family of clinically-focused apps combining the best ideas from machine learning with expert guidance from practicing medical professionals. The fast, reliable, easy-to-use software can help providers resolve information overload, administrators ease the transition to new payment models and researchers increase their output.

Developed by radiologist Tim O’Connell, M. Eng, MD, and Professor Anoop Sarkar, PhD, who collaborated with interface designers from leading entertainment products on the functionality, emtelliSuite™ represents a custom-built NLP solution for one of the biggest problems affecting healthcare today.

O’Connell, emtelligent™ CEO, comments:

"Several years into the widespread implementation of Electronic Medical Records, users are now being overwhelmed by data. The EMRs contain so much information, we are often searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. This makes us inefficient, and can cause 'data fatigue' for the user which puts patients at risk of receiving suboptimal care. Over the past two years, emtelligent™ has developed apps that can quickly 'bolt on' to any EMR and can make it easier, faster, and safer for care providers, administrators, and researchers to do their jobs." 

O’Connell adds, “Our apps are designed from the ground-up with care providers in mind. As a practicing radiologist, I have a first-hand understanding of the pressure providers are under, and we’ve developed emtelliSuite’s™ apps — in particular the Clinical Helper™ which turns volumes of patient data into succinct, searchable summaries — to help relieve that strain and reduce the risk to patients.” 

Sarkar, emtelligent™ CTO, affirms, “We’ve done this the hard way, by developing algorithms that perform natural language understanding of medical reports. Our deep-learning models can detect multiple features from unstructured medical text such as knowing when a patient has appendicitis, rather than that appendicitis simply appeared somewhere in the report, which is what other NLP engines do.”

Tested since virtually day one in clinical settings, emtelliSuite™ is available now. The apps — Clinical Helper™, emtelliSearch™, emtelligent Category Search™, emtelligent Comparison Search™ and emtelligent Quality Assurance™ — are available either bundled or separately. Also, emtelligent’s™ deep learning-based NLP engine is available as an API for organizations wishing to develop their own apps or process large batches of reports. 

More About emtelligent™

emtelligent™ is a proudly Canadian company founded in 2015 by four friends. It aims to make the jobs of healthcare professionals easier and their patients’ lives better by offering the world’s most accurate and practical medical NLP solutions. 

Learn more or schedule a demonstration at, or call 1-877-GO-EMTEL (1-877-463-6835).


Jeff O’Connell, COO, emtelligent™ ​

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