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Next-generation NLP for accelerated innovation.

Fast-track integrations and development projects with a powerful NLP engine that includes extensible APIs, SDKs, and a diverse collection of developer apps and tools.

Technical Integrators

Accelerate Product Development:

Harness the power of NLP to extend your product’s capabilities related to medical language understanding and unstructured data analysis.


Easily Interpret NLP Output:

Easily visualize the output of emtelliPro to evaluate relationships between words and identified annotations and assertions.


Access a Complete Development Toolkit: Multiple integration-ready SDKs are provided including Python, Java, C#, and PHP to fast-track development projects.


Leverage Flexible Deployment Models: emtelliPro is ready to deploy in secure cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises models based on your product and customer needs.

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emtelliPro for Integrators


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emtelliPro for Clinical Applications


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emtelliPro for Research Whitepaper


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