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Our Project Methodology

We work with customers on a case-by-case basis adapting our project plan to the customer’s specific considerations. Often, our customers start with the self-guided emtelliPro® Trial as a means to explore the power of the emtelliPro engine and whether emtelligent’s medical NLP solutions are a fit for their needs.


If your organization would like to explore the emtelliPro Trial please contact us.


After using the emtelliPro Trial or having initial discussions, engagements generally follow this staged approach:


Stage 1:


Stage 2:


(Pilot Project or Guided Evaluation)

Stage 3:


Stage 1: Discovery

To kick off every project, emtelligent clinical and data experts work collaboratively with customers to explore emtelliPro’s capabilities and identify high-value use cases. Once these priority use cases are understood, further meetings and/or email exchanges may be conducted to fully capture and refine key product and implementation requirements. Depending on the use case, a Pilot Project may be required, which brings us to Stage 2: Onboarding.

Stage 2: Onboarding

Based on the outcome of Stage 1: Discovery, some customers will transition into a Pilot Project, while other customers (with more standard use cases) transition to the Guided Evaluation step. 

Both instances typically begin when the customer provides a set of sample data. This is strongly recommended in situations where the customer’s report sample is dissimilar to those in our test collection. 


Pilot Project

This stage is required when some custom development (either for new feature development or additional performance tuning) is required. In this step, emtelligent may provide services such as:

- Development or tuning to support sample use case requirements. 

- QA and optimizing against a set of sample data (in addition to our own test corporas).

- Provide a software release (for self-hosting) or processed output (in the form of SQL database or flat files -   
  e.g. CSV). 

- We can also provide sample SQL queries to showcase the various ways to use the extracted data.


Guided Evaluation

Here, emtelligent provides online resources to allow customers to evaluate emtelliPro by using one of our hosted endpoints. emtelligent can also provide guidance on the evaluation protocol and other key considerations. Because Medical NLP data extraction is an innately challenging and complex task, our team of data science experts are available to assist throughout this phase. Our experience has shown that customers who collaborate regularly with us accelerate their success in integrating and leveraging all that the emtelliPro engine has to offer. This support is available via e-mail and in-person meetings. 



At the end of the Stage 2: Onboarding, we meet with customers to gather feedback, and discuss plans for successful adoption and integration of emtelliPro into the customer’s environment. Customers can advance to Stage 3: Production by signing an agreement for data processing. 



Stage 3: Production

At this stage, emtelligent provides necessary work products to support the customer’s integration of emtelliPro into their data infrastructure. This might include VM images for self-hosting customers or other resources and support as needed, for example, to address customer’s internal compliance requirements. Some modifications to address customer’s IT requirements may entail additional professional services. Professional services to support data retrieval and analysis (e.g. SQL query development) can also be provided.

Ongoing support is provided to customers for deployment, troubleshooting, and further consultation on additional use cases.

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