Complete medical imaging insights

Extract key insights from the unstructured text of radiology, cardiology, and pathology orders and reports to drive clinical and continuous operational improvement initiatives.

Medical Imaging Organizations

Purpose-built by medical experts to understand multi-disciplinary imaging data emtelliPro’s advanced NLP engine is able to collect, analyze, and correlate structured, unstructured, and discrete data elements to form a complete picture of clinical and operational performance across the enterprise.


Multi-Disciplinary, Coordinated Care: Collect and correlate multi-specialty findings and clinical indicators across radiology, cardiology, and pathology departments and systems to simplify and improve the diagnosis and treatment of complex cases and patients.


At-a-Glance View of the Patient’s Imaging Timeline: Access a comprehensive timeline of multi-disciplinary procedures and diagnoses to provide a complete, unified, and contextually relevant view of the patient record.


Radiology: Automatically extract clinical insights from the narrative text of orders and reports to better support chronic disease managmement, quality reporting (MACRA, MIPS), and imaging appropriateness (CMS AUC, PAMA)


Improve Follow-Up Adherence: Proactively track follow-up recommendations noted within diagnostic reports to prevent ‘lost-to-follow-up’ events, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce medicolegal risk.


Cardiology: Easily compare multi-modality findings, measurements, and discrete data elements to improve procedure and quality-based outcomes while reducing the burden of manual data collection and reporting.


Optimize Workflow and Reduce Cost: Design and execute evidence-driven continuous improvement programs that increase capacity and reduce wait and turnaround times, optimize modality resource utilization, and reduce overall cost of care delivery.


Pathology: Automatically analyze pathologic orders, results, and next-generation sequencing to reduce duplicate testing or unnecessary send-outs, simplify reporting to public health or research bodies, and proactively match patients who would benefit from testing or advanced therapy qualification.


Simplify IT Integrations: Quickly and easily connect with systems across the enterprise (e.g. EHR, RIS, PACS, CVIS, VNA, LIS, etc.) using non-invasive, vendor-agnostic technologies that optimize data collection while significantly reducing the complexity and cost associated with traditional integration projects.


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Bialogics' platform for Medical Imaging Administrators and Physicians incorporates a comprehensive toolset to measure and improve access to diagnostic imaging data, providing in-depth analysis of procedural appropriateness, performance management, and operational cost and efficiencies. 

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