Enterprise-wide insights in real-time.

Extract valuable insights trapped within the EHR, point-of-care clinical applications, and text-based documents to drive improvements in safety, quality, and efficiency of care delivery.


Faster, Simpler Chart Review:

Intelligently search for diagnoses, conditions, and procedures within a single patient’s chart or across an entire population.


Elevate Quality:

Automate analysis and tracking of quality-based indicators such as discrepancies, follow-up adherence, use of abbreviations, acronyms, synonyms, and more.


Real-Time, Evidence-Based Optimization:

Collect, structure, and organize EHR, departmental, and point-of-care data to uncover deep insights into clinical and operational performance.


Accurate, Automated Codification:

Codify unstructured text using multiple ontologies to maximize reimbursement, improve quality reporting, and simplify complex hierarchical analysis.


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emtelliPro for Clinical Applications