Advanced medical language understanding powered by deep learning NLP

emtelligent’s™ proprietary, enterprise-scale emtelliPro™ NLP engine processes all types of medical text with high precision and recall, aided by our deep learning models that parse out the often-confusing text of medical reports.

emtellisuite™ Apps

emtelliSuite™ contains ten web-based, clinical applications that leverage extracted medical record data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care providers, researchers, and administrators. All emtellisuite™ apps feature responsive design for optimal use on desktop and mobile.


Smart Inbox

Highlight abnormal findings and follow-up recommendations in text-based diagnostic reports, helping providers read these reports more quickly and accurately, potentially avoiding medicolegal issues from missed diagnoses.


Clinical Helper Analyzes EMR data in real-time to automatically curate relevant indicators into the patient history and problem list while proactively flagging actionable findings for physician review.


Patient Timeline Access a complete, at-a-glance timeline of the patient history including clinical tests and diagnoses.


Unified Dashboard Provides an easy-to-navigate view of all patient conditions including a diagnostic timeline; family, medication, and procedure histories; disease categories; and known conditions


Follow-Up Detector Automatically flag actionable recommendations or incidental findings from within diagnostic reports to ensure timely adherence and follow-up.


Delta Analyzer

Look for concordant or discordant diagnoses between pairs of related reports, for example a surgical report vs a pathology report, or an emergency department radiology report compared with a discharge summary - to evaluate provider performance against a gold standard.


Trainee Scoreboard Move academic departments to competency-based training by automatically tracking the number of actual diagnoses (rather than just counting the number/type of exams) seen/made by the trainee to improve educational outcomes and ensure that knowledge “blind spots” are avoided.


emtelliSearch Intelligently search for diagnoses, conditions, and procedures in a patient’s chart, no matter how large or detailed.


Comparison Search Easily search for multiple diagnoses or conditions within the same patient, or across an entire populations of EMR records to identify cohorts of patients for further research or evaluation.


Category Search Search across logical groupings of disorders, such as ‘Cancer’, ‘Trauma’, or ‘Mental Illness’. When integrated with a medical voice recognition (VR) interface, Category Search enables speech-driven queries using such as “Has Mr. Smith ever had cancer?”

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