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emtelliPro™ Engine

emtelligent’s™ proprietary, enterprise-scale emtelliPro™ NLP engine processes all types of medical text with high precision and recall, aided by our deep learning models that parse out the often-confusing text of medical reports.

Our deep learning-based emtelliPro™ NLP engine is custom-built for clinical use by our CEO, a practicing radiologist, our CTO, a PhD and full professor in NLP, and a team of PhDs and Masters graduates.

emtelliPro™ can ingest unstructured data from all types of medical records such as clinical, pathology, surgical, and radiology reports. We can connect directly to databases to extract reports, or we have an API for ingestion of reports via JSON. We also support file-based report formats such as .PDF, .DOC(X), .RTF, and .TXT.

The emtelliPro™ engine stores the extracted information in a highly-extensible, open-architecture relational database management system. Then, providers can either use emtelligent’s™ clinical summary tools and the rest of the emtelliSuite™, or can work with their own IT team or emtelligent’s™ engineers to build the apps they need. 

The emtelliPro™ can be provided as either a cloud-based service via HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions, or on an appliance to sit in a healthcare institution’s data centre.