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By working directly with customers as their strategic partners, we help solve medical-data-understanding challenges and enable next-generation healthcare needs.

Our agile, experienced team understands each institution’s data is different and requires special attention to ensure the highest accuracy.

Our Partners are Companies and Organizations that Rely on Medical Data

Electronic Medical Record Vendors and Medical Software Companies

Global Healthcare Organizations including Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Device Companies

Healthcare Institutions like Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Insurers and Payers

Once our emtelliPro™ engine returns structured data to our customers, we help realize the data’s full value with our clinically-focused emtelliSuite™ apps, or by ensuring the data is ready for use in customer solutions like detection algorithms, advanced analytics, drug research and clinical software.


Unlocking Clinical Insights and Improving Efficiencies for Radiology Departments

Bialogics' platform for Medical Imaging Administrators and Physicians incorporates a comprehensive toolset to measure and improve access to diagnostic imaging data, providing in depth analysis of procedural appropriateness, performance management, and operational cost and efficiencies. 

Empowering Clinicians at the Point of Care

Medicomp's EHR-augmenting MEDCIN knowledge engine and Quippe platform enable efficient, high-quality care delivery; regulatory compliance; provider satisfaction; and, most importantly, better patient health. Leading hospitals and health systems and more than 100,000 users/day rely on Medicomp technology to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery.

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